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A taxonomic revision of the genus Eriobotrya Lindl. (Rosaceae)

Muhammad Idrees, Meng Li, Mitra Lal Pathak, Muhammad Qaiser, Zhiyong Zhang and Xin-Fen Gao

A comprehensive taxonomic revision of the genus Eriobotrya (Rosaceae) in Southeast Asia, the Himalayas and Western Malaysia were carried out. All published names or referrable to Eriobotrya were studied and discussed here. Thirty two species and nine varieties are recognized, of which five species and one variety are endemic to China. One species (E. grandiflora) is redescribed, one new hybrid (E. × balgooyi), and four new combinations, E. bengalensis var. intermedia, E. bengalensis var. contracta, E. petiolata var. glabrescens, and E. elliptica var. victoriensis, are proposed here. Four names are reduced to synonymy, and seven names are typified. Two names, E. platyphylla, and E. merguiensis, are listed as dubious species, and nineteen names are excluded. In addition, the taxonomic treatment, key to the species and varieties, distributions, habitat ecology, phylogeny, taxonomic notes, and records of specimens examined for each taxon are given

To Cite this article: Idrees, M., M. Li, M.L. Pathak, M. Qaiser, Z. Zhang and X.F. Gao. 2022. A taxonomic revision of the genus Eriobotrya Lindl. (Rosaceae). Pak. J. Bot., 54(3): DOI:  

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