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Genomic analysis of C3H zinc finger proteins family in Brassica rapa

Faiza Mir, Sajida Bibi, Noreen Asim and Asad Jan

The C3H zinc finger proteins play critical roles in a number of biological processes both in animals and plants. These transcription factors are characterized by the presence of a unique motif with 3 cysteine and 1 histidine amino acids. In this study, a wide spread computational investigations of Brassica rapa C3H zinc finger proteins (BraC3H) were carried out by describing their phylogenetic analysis, motif distribution, chromosomal locations and duplication events. A total of 106 BraC3H proteins were identified in Brassica rapa genome. On the basis of phylogenetic tree, the BraC3H transcription factors were characterized into 17 sub families. All the genes were distributed on the Brassica rapa 10 chromosomes with ten segmental duplication events and one tandem duplication event. The non-synonymous to synonymous mutations ratio showed that BraC3H gene family had undergone strong negative or purifying selection pressure. Expression patterns of the selected salt and drought stress inducible genes BraC3H02, BraC3H04 and BraC3H06 were checked using semi quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR. Expression analysis of the BraC3H genes indicates that they have wide range of expression patterns under salt and drought treatments, signifying their varied functions. The expression and genome analysis of these BraC3H genes provide foundation for further functional dissection in Brassica rapa.  

To Cite this article: Mir, F., S. Bibi, N. Asim and A. Jan. 2022. Genomic analysis of C3H zinc finger proteins family in Brassica rapa. Pak. J. Bot., 54(3): DOI:  

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