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De building of tissue culture system and post-transplant quality comparison of ‘Baihuayushizi’ pomegranates (Punica granatum L.)

Jingjing Qian, Weiqiang Ge, Ningning Wang and Youjun Hu

The present study aimed to assess different clonal propagation methods, culture conditions and different exercising and transplanting conditions for tissue culture seedlings. Specific data, including the survival rates, growth indices, root scanning and physiological and biochemical indices of 1-year transplanted tissue culture seedlings and 1-year cutting seedlings of‘Baihuayushizi’pomegranates, were collected for analysis. The present study aimed to provide theoretical and experimental bases for the production pattern and industrialized reproduction of high-quality seedlings of ‘Baihuayushizi’pomegranates, so as to contribute in promoting the propagation paths of high-quality seedlings, increase the planting percentage of high-quality pomegranate varieties from Huaiyuan and improve the production efficiency of fruit farmers. The experimental results were as follows: (1) When stem tips were used as explants to build the tissue culture system, the optimal sterilization time period was 10min and required processing with 0.1% HgCl2.The optimal inducing medium for proliferation of adventitious shoots was WPM+NAA 0.75 mg/l+6-BA 0.5 mg/l and the optimal inducing medium for rooting was WPM+IBA 0.8 mg/l. (2) The initial studies examining the transplanting conditions for seedling exercising demonstrated that the survival rate from seedling exercising was increased following the increase in the illumination intensity and humidity within certain limits. The survival rate was decreased when it reached the threshold, suggesting that the optimal illumination intensity for seedling exercising of ‘Baihuayushizi’pomegranates was 1,000 LX and the optimal relative humidity for the transplant was 70%. The survival rate of the transplanted tissue culture seedlings may be significantly increased up to 85.39% if appropriate fungicides and matrix formulas are used during seedling exercising. (3) The results of the comparison of the growth, root length and physiological and biochemical indices between survived transplanted tissue culture seedlings of ‘Baihuayushizi’pomegranates and cutting pomegranate seedlings in the same period indicated that tissue culture seedlings exhibited optimal root activity, growth and development activity compared with those of the cutting seedlings.In summary, the tissue culture of pomegranate seedlings can be used as a method for large-scale production and propagation of seedlings and is widely accepted by a broad scientific audience.  

To Cite this article: Qian, J., W. Ge, N. Wang and Y. Hu. 2021. De building of tissue culture system and post-transplant quality comparison of ‘Baihuayushizi’ pomegranates (Punica granatum L.). Pak. J. Bot., 53(2): DOI:

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