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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Effects of seeds priming with plant growth regulators on germination and seedling growth of Hargel (Solenostemma argel (Del.) Hayne) under salinity stress
Ebtehal Gabralla Ibrahim Salih, Guisheng Zhou, Ali Mahmoud Muddathir, Muhi Eldeen Hussien Ibrahim, Nimir Eltyb Ahmed, Adam Yousif Adam Ali, Guanglong Zhu, Xiurong Jiao, Tianyao Meng and Irshad Ahmad
54(5): 1579-1587,2022 : Download
Effect of salt stress on growth and biochemical properties of little millet (Panicum miliare L.)
Muhammad Siddique Lashari, Bakht-Un-Nisa Mangan, Inayatullah Rajpar, Muhram Ali, Majid Sikandar Jogi and Tanveer Ali Sial
54(5): 1589-1594,2022 : Download
Structural and functional plasticity in root and stem of Dichanthium annulatum (Forssk.) Stapf under salt stress
Amina Ameer, Farooq Ahmad and Mansoor Hameed
54(5): 1595-1604,2022 : Download
Effect of foliar-applied aminopolysaccharide chitosan  on seedling growth characteristics, antioxidant enzyme activity, and chlorophyll and carotenoid contents of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) cultivars under saline conditions
Mehtap Gursoy
54(5): 1605-1612,2022 : Download
Assessment of maize cultivars for salt tolerance based on physiological indices
Mohsan Ali, Sara Zafar and M. Yasin Ashraf
54(5): 1613-1618,2022 : Download
Evaluating the effectiveness of boron on the growth of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under saline conditions
Muhammad Ali Abbas, Ghulam Sarwar, Sabir Hussain Shah, Sher Muhammad, Ayesha Zafar, Muhammad Zeeshan Manzoor, Ghulam Murtaza and Muhammad Latif
54(5): 1619-1628,2022 : Download
Evaluating the effects of biochar amendments on drought tolerance of soybean (Glycine max L.) using relative growth indicators
Summera Jahan, Sumera Iqbal, Fahd Rasul and Khajista Jabeen
54(5): 1629-1641,2022 : Download
Silicon foliar application improves water stress tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by modulating growth, yield and photosynthetic attributes
Annum Khalid, Muhammad Nawaz, Naeem Iqbal and Muhammad Yasin Ashraf
54(5): 1643-1652,2022 : Download
Memory response of pepper antioxidant system to cycles of drought and re-watering stress  
Jinfen Wen, Kai Zhao, Junheng Lv, Jinlong Huo, Hongjian Wan, Shui Zhang, Xiang Zhang, Zhihe Xie and Minghua Deng
54(5): 1653-1661,2022 : Download
Evaluation of the response of indigenous cotton cultivars to low potassium stress in hydroponics system
Muhammad Naeem Akhtar, Tanveer-Ul-Haq and Fiaz Ahmad
54(5): 1663-1673,2022 : Download
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