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Effects of vermicompost application on quality of flue-cured tobacco

Bo Lin, Bensheng Li, Ziguang Huang, Xi Zheng, Yaohui Mu, Aiping Ye, Chenxi Zhang, Suilong Ai, Nabil S. Mustafad and Lixin Zhang

In this study, the field experiments were conducted to study the effects of different proportions of vermicompost (without vermicompost, 1800 kg ha-1 vermicompost, 2400 kg ha-1 vermicompost, 3000 kg ha-1 vermicompost, 3600 kg ha-1 vermicompost) on the flue-cured tobacco economic traits and tobacco internal quality. Results showed that the application of 3000 kg ha-1 vermicompost in the field significantly increased the contents of nicotine, total nitrogen and potassium, enhanced the ratio of potassium to chloride, coordinated the chemical ingredients of tobacco leaves, improved the sensory quality, and made flue-cured tobacco as high-quality tobacco. Therefore, application of 3000 kg ha-1 vermicompost proved to be more effective in improving economic benefits and internal quality of tobacco. Such effects were associated with increased contents of carotene degradation products, Maillard reaction products, cembratriendid alkyl degrading products and other aromatic compositions in flue-cured tobacco leaves by vermicompost and with improved intrinsic quality of tobacco.

To Cite this article: Lin, B., B. Li, Z. Huang, X. Zheng, Y. Mu, A. Ye, C. Zhang, S. Ai, N.S. Mustafad and L. Zhang. 2021. Effects of vermicompost application on quality of flue-cured tobacco. Pak. J. Bot., 53(2): DOI:

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