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Quantitative analysis of medicinal flora used as herbal remedies in Hindu Kush mountain range, northern Pakistan

Nazim Hassan, Umar Zeb, Asfa Batool, Khan Sher, Iqra Naeem and Waqif Khan

This research aims to collect significant data on traditional uses of medicinal plant species used by the inhabitants as remedies in Northern Pakistan. In this regard ethnobotanical data were compiled from 128 informants through group discussion and well-organized questionnaire. Demographic features, part used, preparation methods, mode of application, life form, and ethno medicinal uses were noted. For data analysis quantitative indices i.e. (ICF) Informant consensus factor, (FL) Fidelity level, (UV) Use value, (RFC) Relative frequency citation and (DMR) data matrix ranking were used. A comparison with 6 published ethnobotanical studies at national and international level was carried out for authentication of ethnomedicinal relevance of data documented. A total of 94 medicinal plant species from 34 families were documented. Family Lamiaceae and Asteraceae (13%) were the most leading families. Ailments were classified into 13 different categories. Leaves (34%) were commonly used for the preparation of ethno medicines. Major contribution (65%) was obtained from herbaceous flora. The most frequently used method for the preparation of ethno medicine was decoction (41%). Highest number of use reports (107) and ICF (0.84) were observed for antispasmodic. High fidelity level 95.45% was observed for Berberis lyceum. Use value (UV) was high (0.67) for Urtica dioica while RFC (0.45) was observed high for Ajuga bracteosa. Plants with high FIC value should be screened for comprehensive pharmacological and phytochemical studies. Medicinal flora was found at risk due to unwise harvesting and over grazing. Further plant exploration, awareness, conservation, Joint collaboration and wise use of plant resources are recommended.

To Cite this article: Hassan, N., U. Zeb, A. Batool, K. Sher, I. Naeem and W. Khan. 2021. Quantitative analysis of medicinal flora used as herbal remedies in Hindu Kush mountain range, northern Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., 53(5): DOI:

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