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Characterization and genotypic analysis of citrus cultivars in Pakistan

Ammara Masood, Rukhama Haq and Shagufta Naz

Molecular analysis for varietal identification is the most genuine and widely accepted technique now a days. Assessment and characterization of genetic diversity in fruit crop species is fundamental for its improvement and development. Genetic diversity analyses were performed on 96 Pakistani local citrus genotypes. In the present study, different type of Simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers was identified but nine expressed sequence tags SSR markers and four simple SSR markers were used for final cultivar identification of 96 samples. Total twelve primer pairs were used to detect polymorphic markers. Several loci were assayed for allelic polymorphism. All SSR primer pairs were reproducible and showed several polymorphic alleles through genetic analyzer. Each marker detected approximately 3 to 5 alleles to assess the genetic variation among citrus genotypes from the Citrus repository of the Citrus Research Institute Sargodha. Results revealed that TAA45 showed more polymorphism than TAA15, TAA33, TAA41. Similarly in EST SSR markers, specially designed markers for Pakistani citrus varieties, PK2, PK3 showed two alleles, while PK4, PK5, PK6, PK8, PK9, PK10 showed several allelic polymorphisms ranging between 4-6 polymorphic bands per cultivar.  Base pair amplification position of every marker, size range of amplicon, along with their repeating units were also identified. More than fifty alleles were detected, indicating a high level of genetic diversity within this cultivated citrus population. This information can be used in the development of citrus mapping populations, in the selection of parents to be used in cultivar development breeding programs through crossbreeding, and in determining the polymorphic level variation of SSR markers. Studies will provide useful information to assess genetic diversity and characterization of Pakistani Citrus varieties

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