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Identifying conservation priority areas using spatial phylogenetic approaches in west Himalaya

Saddam Saqib, Yun Liu, Jianfei Ye, Wyckliffe Omondi Omollo, Limin Lu, Haihua Hu, Qiang Zhang, Bing Liu, Mushtaq Ahmad, Zabta Khan Shinwari And Zhiduan Chen

Human society is at a critical point in biodiversity conservation. Assessing biodiversity spatiotemporal patterns provides vital insights into the evolutionary and ecological dynamics. Using comprehensive metrics, including species richness (SR), phylogenetic diversity (PD), phylogenetic endemism (PE), weighted endemism (WE), and standardize effect size of PD (SES.PD), we explored the spatial diversity patterns and evolutionary links shaping the West Himalayan flora. Our analyses employed a species-level phylogenetic tree including 7,722 vascular plant species and 116,986 distribution records. Observed variations in SR, PD, SES.PD, PE, and WE highlight key areas: Wakhan (Afghanistan), northern regions including Azad Kashmir (Pakistan), northwestern zones like Jammu and Kashmir (India), and Nepal’s western areas (e.g., Bhajang to Mustang). Our analyses of the net relatedness index (NRI) and the nearest taxon index (NTI) also emphasized these regions, revealing a sign of significant lineages with unique evolutionary histories. Ultimately, hotspot analysis identified 19 conservation priority areas, covering 78% of total hotspot regions. Amid rising anthropogenic and climate challenges, these assessments offer insights into biodiversity patterns, guiding future monitoring policies and conservation strategies.  

To Cite this article: Saqib, S., Y. Liu, J. Ye, W.O. Omollo, L. Lu, H. Hu, Q. Zhang, B. Liu, M. Ahmad, Z.K. Shinwari and Z. Chen. 2024. Identifying conservation priority areas using spatial phylogenetic approaches in west Himalaya. Pak. J. Bot., 56(3): DOI:  

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