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Studies on the nutrition of fungi VL. Effect of different combination of mono, , DI and tricascharides on the growth of some fungi

S. shahid Husain and (miss) Khadija zamir

Studies were carried out to determine the combined effect of certain mono, di and trisaccharides on the growth of five fungi in liquid culture. Of the seven sugars used, galactose , fructose, maltose and sucrose appeared to be more effective in various combinations in supporting the growth of aspergillus, nidulans, curcularia verruculosa , helmin thosporium nodulosum, paecilomyes varioti and phaeoramcularia sp. Raffinose, lactose and xylose, in various combinatios supported the growth of the fungi fairly well but the response of the fungi with respect to growth seemed to be more on the first four mentioned sugars. No one combinations was able to support the maximum growth of all the fungi , a point which indicates the specificity of fungi towards different sugars or combination of sugars as to their utilization.

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