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Comparison of calcium distribution in leaf cells of Carpinus pubescens and Camellia oleifera under drought and calcium stress

Ximin Zhang, Lunxian Liu, Jiyi Gong, Jing Tang, Ming Tang and Yin Yi

Potassium antimonite was used to locate calcium in the leaf cells of Carpinus pubescensand Camellia oleifera seedlings. The aim of this research was to reveal the difference of calcium distribution in cells of the leaves of both seedlings under culturing conditions of different external drought and calcium regimes. Abundant calcium precipitates accumulated mainly in the cell wall of C. pubescens and many precipitates were located in the inner plasma membrane of C. oleifera under excessive calcium as well as severe drought conditions. These results showed that C. pubescens and C. oleifera had diverse distributions of Ca2+ in the cells. C. pubescens could remove an excess of calcium from cytoplasm to cell wall and restore it. Therefore, the conceivable acclimation of C. pubescens to limestone soil might be related to its ability to transport calcium in cytoplasm caused by drought or calcium stimuli into the cell wall, thus maintaining normal physiological metabolism

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