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Proline application triggers temporal redox imbalance, but alleviates cadmium stress in wheat seedlings

Yevheniia Konotop, Mariia Kovalenko, Ildiko Matušíková, Ludmila Batsmanova and Nataliya Taran

Cadmium is known to be phytotoxic and as such can heavily impact crops. The adaptation of plants to different environmental factors is accompanied by the accumulation of free proline in tissues. It is declared that treatment crops in different ways with proline is favorable in terms of tolerance to environmental stresses including heavy metal pollution. In current research the effect of pre-sowing seed treatment with different concentrations of proline (0, 5, 10 and 20 mM) on mitigation of cadmium-induced damages in winter wheat seedlings is studied. It was found that proline application itself significantly influenced only intracellular proline accumulation in wheat leaves. Exposure of seedlings to cadmium stress caused dehydration of leaves and enhancement of lipid peroxidation. Pre-sowing seed treatment with proline alleviated phytotoxic effects of heavy metal due to accumulation of intracellular proline in the leaves of seedlings, which in turn helped to preserve the water content in tissues. However, further research is needed to determine the most effective proline concentration range and way of proline application to wheat.

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