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Hybrid performance and analysis of genetic variability in green chillies (Capsicum annuum L.)

Zahoor Elahi, Nausherwan Nobel Nawab, Aasia Ramzan, Tahira Noor, Muhammad Uzair Qasim, Taj Naseeb Khan and Nazima Batool

In this study, the indigenously developed chilli hybrids were assessed for finding the genetic differences, heritability, genetic advance and meaningful establishment of correlation of the yield with other traits of economic importance. One of the indigenously developed hybrids i.e.; Hyb.5 (1.44 kg/plant) gave significantly high green fruit yield than the commercial hybrid (222-Hyb) with 1.34 kg/plant. However, the parental line (NARC-16/9) and Hyb.4 were found at par not only to each other but also with the commercial hybrid. The small difference (0.2 to 1.5%) between the phenotypic coefficient of variability (PCV) and genotypic coefficient of variability (GCV) values indicated the less involvement of the environmental factors in the character expression. Selection for improvement can be made for these traits by adopting proper selection procedures. High heritability (˃ 60%) with high genetic advance (˃ 30%) was recorded for the traits like number of primary branches, number of secondary branches and green fruit yield per plant except for plant height which indicated the prediction of valid results by the involvement of the additive gene action. The indigenous hybrid development can be followed up as most of the economically important traits are governed additively. The correlation of green fruit yield per plant was positively associated to all characters (r = 0.64 to 0.90) except for plant height (r = 0.11). High heritability in conjunction with high genetic advance values for green fruit yield per plant (99% and 45.45%), number of secondary branches (94% and 37.50%) and number of days to first blossoming (98% and 32.59%) indicated least influence of environment on these traits so the improvement could be made through selection 

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