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Determination of direct and indirect relations between some yield characters of red lentil cultivars

Omer Sozen and Ufuk Karadavut

This study was conducted in 2013 and 2014 by using 10 red lentil cultivars registered by the research institutes, universities and private sector in the ecological conditions of Central Anatolia Region to determine the agronomic characters having direct and indirect impacts on yield. For this aim; the differences were determined by applying variance analysis on the attained data and the groups were compared with Duncan Multiple Range Test. In addition; path analysis in which the direct and indirect impacts were determined with correlation analysis between the examined characters. Results showed that Evirgen and Cagil lentil cultivars were distinguished amoung the studied cultivars in terms of the characters affecting yield. As results; plant height, first pod plant height, number of pods and yield per plant had direct positive impact on yield

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