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Epidermal structure of stomata and trichomes of Vachellia tortilis (Forssk.) Galasso and Banfi

Shalom Pabalelo Mashile and Milingoni Peter Tshisikhawe

Leaves of Vachellia tortilis were collected along the national road (N1) in Limpopo province, South Africa. Variations in the epidermal structure of stomata and presence of trichomes amongst V. tortilis in nine different stations selected along the study site were investigated.  In this study leaves of V. tortilis were found to be hypostomatic. The epidermal cell revealed a polygonal structure only. Anticlinal walls were either straight or curved. Trichomes recorded showed a non-glandular unicellular conical shape. Stomata types observed were paracytic and anisocytic with single subsidiary cell. In comparison the frequency of epidermal cells was higher than that of guard cells. Stomatal index and frequencies of stomata and epidermal cells were also recorded and compared.

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