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Molecular analyses of selected tea genotypes irradiated with gamma rays

Amina Sardar, Azhar Hussain Shah, Basharat Hussain Shah, Zabta Khan Shinwari, Sohail Ahmad Jan, Uzma Khan and Muhammad Asif Nawaz

Thirty six tea genotypes (M1-M36) along with three check genotypes (Qi men, P3 and Indonesian) treated with gamma irradiation were evaluated with help of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. All the genotypes were treated with 10 Kr gamma radiations and grown by using augmented design. A total of 8 RAPD markers were used for PCR amplification of all 39 genotypes. Maximum polymorphic bands were recorded. However 16 unique extra alleles were found in the experimental samples. The genetic similarity values varied among genotypes. The phylogenetic analysis classified all the genotypes into six diverged groups (I-VI). The groups (I-VI) contained 17, 8, 4, 2, 7 and 1 genotype, respectively. Maximum variability in the allelic pattern was observed in treated samples. The variability in band patterns might be due to the mutation. The 3D analysis identified 4 elite tea genotypes (Qi men, M19, M28 and M31). The important tea genotypes treated with gamma radiations were characterized at molecular level. However further characterization through SSRs or SNP markers are needed to check further genomic variability at different gamma radiation treatments.

To Cite this article: Sardar, A., A.H. Shah, B.H. Shah, Z.K. Shinwari, S.A. Jan, U. Khan and M.A. Nawaz. 2021. Molecular analyses of selected tea genotypes irradiated with gamma rays. Pak. J. Bot., 53(5): DOI:

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