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Identification, characterization and interaction studies of Di19-2 gene from Gossypium arboreum

Mahmood-Ur-Rahman, Tayyaba Shaheen, Parwsha Zaib, Muhammad Fazal Abbas, Mehboob-Ur-Rahman and Anjuman Arif

Cotton is the most vital source of fiber and food industry. Limited availability of water results in the limited growth of plants. Drought responsive genes have been explored in several plants to be utilized for overcoming the dilemma of limited availability of water. Over expression of drought responsive genes to develop drought resistant cultivars is a promising strategy to combat drought stress. On exposure to drought, several genes linked to drought are activated and many of them are regulated by transcription factors. Recent developments in bioinformatics have made identification and In silico characterization of the genes possible. Di19 is the drought responsive transcription factor, which is involved in the drought tolerance pathways. This gene has been observed to interact with several other genes in the drought tolerance pathway in the plants. In the present study, this gene was amplified in Gossypium arboreum cultivar FDH-786 using primers based on GhDi19 gene sequence, further sequenced and named as GaDi19 (Accession No. KP297805). Sequence of GaDi19 showed highest similarity with GhDi19 (97%). Protein 3D model for GaDi19 was determined and Ramanchandran plot indicated that 98% residues were in favored region. Further modelling and interaction study revealed that GaDi19 interact with pathogen related PR1, PR2 and PR5. Interaction of GaDi19 with protein encoded by other genes i.e Di19 from other plant species and EREB1 and EREB2 was also determined. Further interaction studies of PR1, PR2 and PR5 revealed activation of AP2/EREBP, DREB1a, DREB1b and WRKY3 to develop the drought tolerance in plants, which is a novel finding and has not been reported earlier. This study will lay a foundation for researchers to get insight into genes responsible for drought and their involvement in the pathways of drought tolerance.

To Cite this article: Rahman, M.U. T. Shaheen, P. Zaib, M.F. Abbas, M.U. Rahman and A. Arif. 2021. Identification, characterization and interaction studies of Di19-2 gene from Gossypium arboretum. Pak. J. Bot., 53(2): DOI:

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