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The relationship between nutrients and gender conversion in male Amur grape

Hailin Shen, Zhendong Liu, Ke Yan, Liren Zou, Chu Zhang, Yining Hui, Jing Yang, Yinshan Guo, Kun Li, Jinghui Wen and Xiuwu Guo

Amur grape (Vitis amurensis Rupr.) is a dioecious species. To elucidate the cause of pistil abortion in male amur grape from the perspective of nutrition, we performed a metabolic pathway analysis based on its transcriptome data and used optical microscopes to observe slices of the pistil of a male line during its development. Abnormality was found in its ovary shape and structure, and the expression of some genes in the glucose metabolism pathway changed, and the content of starch and protein in the ovule decreased during pistil development. These abnormities may thus serve as important contributors to pistil abortion in male flower. However, abortion could be eliminated by N1-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-N3-phenylurea (CPPU) treatment, which caused the recovery of functional pistil in male amur grape. Altogether, this study provides information from the perspective of nutrition regarding sex conversion mechanism in male amur grape and may promote sex determination studies in Vitis species

To Cite this article: Shen, H., Z. Liu, K. Yan, L. Zou, C. Zhang, Y. Hui, J. Yang, Y. Guo, K. Li, J. Wen and X. Guo. 2021. The relationship between nutrients and gender conversion in male Amur grape. Pak. J. Bot., 53(5): DOI:

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