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Macro and micro-nutrients diversity in the seeds of field pea germplasm

Muhammad Azhar Nadeem, Yeter Çilesiz, İlker Yüce, Faheem Shehzad Baloch and Tolga Karaköy

The world is confronting with food shortage and malnutrition problems. Millions of people mainly from Asia and Africa are at maximum risk of hidden hunger due to the intake of micronutrient deficient plant-based food. Legumes are considered “poor man's meat” crops due to the presence of good concentrations of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Biofortification of these crops either through conventional breeding or modern biotechnology techniques can be helpful to overcome malnutrition problems. Present study aimed to investigate the micro and macro nutrients diversity in 160 field pea genotypes. All studied seven traits reflected a good level of variations and revealed significant range of variations for nitrogen (N) (28.49-54.78 g kg-1), phosphorus (P) (1.648-4.04 g kg-1), potassium (K) (13.13-50.41 g kg-1), manganese (Mn) (7.96-22.83 mg kg-1), copper (Cu) (3.51-21.79 mg kg-1), iron (Fe) (29.32-80.69 mg kg-1) and zinc (Zn) (28.15-55.80 mg kg-1). Zinc reflected a highly significant and positive correlation with all studied traits except Mn. Genotype13 and Genotype 5 were found superior genotypes for the Zn (55.80 mg kg-1) and Fe (80.69 mg kg-1) contents, respectively, and can be suggested as candidate parents for the future pea biofortification and breeding activities. Cluster constellation plot analysis divided the genotypes in to two main groups A and B upon their Zn contents. We are confident that distinct genotypes evaluated from this study will be very useful for the development of improved pea cultivars through modern and conventional breeding activities to overcome malnutrition problems.

To Cite this article: Nadeem, M.A., Y. Çilesiz, Ä°. Yüce, F.S. Baloch and T. Karaköy. 2021. Macro and micro- nutrients diversity in the seeds of field pea germplasm. Pak. J. Bot., 53(5): DOI:

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