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Evaluation of the bioactive role of indegenous Viola odorata Leaf Extracts

Tahreem Sikander, Aqsa Anum Bhatti, Zahid Mushtaq, Muhammad Shahid, Farzana Nighat and Sidra Anwar

Medicinal plants are rich source of bioactive compounds and other secondary metabolites and are used to prepare drugs for preventing infectious diseases because natural sources like plants have least or no side effects and less expensive as compared to other synthetic drugs. In this research bioactive extracts were prepared and fractionated from Viola odorata leaves using organic solvents (in increasing polarity order) like methanol (CME) for first crude extract and fractionated it further in n-hexane (n-HF), chloroform (CF), ethyl acetate (EAF) and water. The residue left from CME was solubilized in methanol (MSF) and water (WSF). Total phenolic (TPC) and Total flavonoid compounds (TFC) were also estimated. The bioactive potential of extracts/fractions was checked by using different assays for evaluating antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, thrombolytic, cytotoxic, α-amylase inhibition & lipase inhibition potential. The maximum antibacterial (ZOI =14 mm) and antifungal activity (30.33 mm) was shown by MSF (methanol soluble fraction) against E. coli and n-HF against Fusarium solani respectively. Maximum TPC was shown by MSF 3.4 mg/g and maximum TFC was shown in n-HF 0.21 mg/g. MSF also exhibited maximum α-amylase inhibition % age 42.163±2.74 and CME exhibited maximum lipase inhibition (95±0.89). EAF showed maximum antioxidant activity that is 62.13±4.26 by using DPPH assay. CF showed maximum cytotoxicity (76.31±0.252). Maximum clot lysis was shown by MSF 26.44±0.485. Moreover HPLC results showed high amount of phenolics in CME and n-HF that could be related to their bioactivities. Hence V. odorata proved an excellent source of bioactive compounds that can be analyzed individually in future.

To Cite this article: Sikander, T., A.A. Bhatti, Z. Mushtaq, M. Shahid, F. Nighat and S. Anwar. 2021. Evaluation of the bioactive role of indegenous Viola odorata leaf extracts. Pak. J. Bot., 53(2): DOI:

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